Review: The Beau Zeaux ****

The Beau Zeaux **** 4 Stars Pleasance Courtyard 17.45 The Japanese have a philosophy of three faces. The face one shows to the public, the face one shows to friends and family, and the face you have personally (cheeky Oxford comma there – Nice). This last face is the face that you try to suppress,Continue reading “Review: The Beau Zeaux ****”

Day 17: Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Day 17 started poorly. Had a show which picked us back up again and the audience seemed to love it which was nice. Then I had a serious day of comedy prepared. Sweeeet! So off I toddled into the Brass Monkey there on Drummond Street with the beds in the back and sat down withContinue reading “Day 17: Edinburgh Fringe Festival”

Review: The Titanic Orchestra ****

The Titanic Orchestra Pleasance 17.15 Tiger Paws Junior’s Stories **** 4 Stars Edinburgh Fringe Festival is weird. It’s just a weird place. Some shows have massive budgets and massive audiences, others are performed by 16 year old broke students who spend every last cent that they have to bring their creativity to the world. OneContinue reading “Review: The Titanic Orchestra ****”

Review 10x10x10 ****

10 x 10 x 10 Pleasance 16.30 Tiger Paws Junior’s Stories 4 Stars This is such an ambitious project. 10 Monologues of 10 minutes each written and directed by 10 different people alteratively showing on every other day. You get five on a Monday and five different pieces on the Tuesday. It starts with aContinue reading “Review 10x10x10 ****”

Review: Hotel Paradiso *****

Hotel Paradiso – 23.15 Pleasance Courtyard Tiger Paws Junior’s Stories ***** 5 Stars Have you ever gone to a play and been expecting a lot? You hear the other reviews, word of mouth tells you via grapevine that you have to see this show, the newly granted stars on their posters shine like a beamContinue reading “Review: Hotel Paradiso *****”