Day 17: Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Day 17 started poorly. Had a show which picked us back up again and the audience seemed to love it which was nice. Then I had a serious day of comedy prepared. Sweeeet! So off I toddled into the Brass Monkey there on Drummond Street with the beds in the back and sat down withContinue reading “Day 17: Edinburgh Fringe Festival”

Meeting John Hannah

Pleasance Bytes (***** 5 Star Show, Tiger Paws Junior Stories) John Hannah is a legend, I think a lot of people know this fact. From Four Wedding and a Funeral to Sliding Doors to The Mummy or Spartacus, the Scottish native had all the elegance and eloquence that I had expected. Mark Fisher sat himContinue reading “Meeting John Hannah”

Everything’s Amazing and Nobody’s Happy

Amazing advice from the Conan O’Brien show. This guy knows what’s up and has the ability to step back from the world, observe it and speak lovely positive truths about its craziness.