Season 3, Episode 1

Ivana Bacik

Pfr. Ivana Bacik comes on the show this week.

Ivana is the leader of the Labour Party in Ireland. From first hand experience, she is also a wonderful teacher and friend…An eternal optimist.

In this conversation, she talks to me of her inspirations growing up, of holding firm to one’s opinions, her advice for students dealing with their studies and finally her love for music. This is a great episode for anyone thinking about a career such as hers 🎓

We met in Trinity so it was great to have her on the show for the start of Season 3.

Season 2, Episode 12

Julita Fox

This girl has talent coming out of her finger tips.

She is also one of the funniest girls I know.

In this week’s episode, the last of Season 2, Julita Fox comes on the show to talk about life, college, music and so much more in between.

An absolute bombshell to finish off a wonderful season ❤️💕🌹

Season 2, Episode 11

Dr. Simon Thompson

Dr. Simon Thompson comes on the show this week.

We talk about his love of performing, directing and clowning. We met performing in the Belltable, Limerick.

From Manchester to Paris to Italy to London and eventually finding his way to Ireland, he has led an exciting life and has now completed his Doctorate in the University of Limerick.

An absolutely wonderful gentleman and a pleasure to have him on.

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