Season 4, Episode 4

Kalu Arevalo

Circus Aerial Artist, Kalu Arevalo, comes on the show this week.

She speaks to me about her life growing up in Ecuador, her training and formations in France and Italy and her wonderful teachers growing up.

She has a love of ribbons and silks and is currently creating amazing of projects all over the world ❤️

Season 4, Episode 3

Laree Gadenne

Australian dancer and business woman, Laree Gadenne, comes on the show this week.

She speaks to about her life growing up in Oz, starting dance groups when she was a kid, moving to LA to train, and now setting up three businesses including an agency back in Australia.

She’s a such a lovely person and this was such a great chat.

Season 4, Episode 2

Patrik Augostino Hogberget

Norwegian gentleman Patrik comes on the show this week.

We speak about life growing up in Oslo, his education, his journey to Los Angeles and everything in between.

Such a nice chat between friends!

Season 4, Episode 1

Stuart Mackey

Hailing from Co. Clare and based in Limerick, actor Stuart Mackey comes on the Podcast this week to chat.

With over a million followers worldwide and a steady stream of brilliant content, he talks about his journey through his process and how he deals with the highs and lows of social media activity.

He also loves a good swim!

He is such a decent guy and a pleasure to have him on the show.

Season 3, Episode 5

Hilary Phayer

My dear friend, Hilary Phayer, comes on the show this week.

If you think it, want it, dream it, then it’s real.

The Limerick lady, who teaches, sings and acts in the city provides insight into her inspirations in life.

She is chairperson of the infamous Cecilian Musical Society and an absolute lover of books so we chat about all sorts.

This is such a wonderful episode to finish off a beautiful season of Podcasts 💕

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