Review: Hotel Paradiso *****

Hotel Paradiso – 23.15 Pleasance Courtyard

Tiger Paws Junior’s Stories ***** 5 Stars

Peace guy hotel paradiso

Have you ever gone to a play and been expecting a lot? You hear the other reviews, word of mouth tells you via grapevine that you have to see this show, the newly granted stars on their posters shine like a beam of moonlight at you every time you walk passed them…that’s how I entered Hotel Paradiso last night.

In other words, I was hoping that my expectations wouldn’t be destroyed.

And they weren’t…And I was happy about that.

Hotel Paradiso is a mesmerising hour and a half of mimed sstory-telling at it’s best. And what’s more impressive is the cast don’t even have the luxury of facial expressions to communicate their feelings. They wear masks to show one the power of the body and music as a completely separate language.

If you’ve ever done a day’s silence for whatever reason, you will understand the complete unnecessary nature of words to communicate. People almost listen more when you are not speaking as they have to consider your thought process without you telling them.

The German/Belgian cast are flawless in their timing, commitment and skill in telling the story of the goings-on in one particular hotel. Each character brings something unique and contributes heavily to the very strong narrative. It involves love, death and butchery respectively and they utilise a very talented physical level which is cherographed to the minutest of details.

I’m delighted I saw this show and would recommend it highly. Apart from Splitfoot in C Nova it has been my easiest 5 star so far.

Bells Hotel paradiso

Theft bowl hotel paradiso 2 better

Hotel Paradiso outside Paradiso On stage

Tiger Paws Junior’s Stories 5 Stars

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