Expectations WORLD

Expectations WORLD   Learning to accept what we read in the papers is tough. I like to believe in the beauty of the world. But many others don’t. Belief is the bad is easy to do when I trust too much in respected voices which have become sour. Learning to forgive is harder. Learning keepContinue reading “Expectations WORLD”

Finding… You

Finding… You By Tree Soul Right from the start I knew that I was different. But being different isn’t bad.. its’ just hard work.. Making people believe every day Some believe on in god and some simply pray. Life is like a rainbow At least it is because I say so, Find your favorite colour andContinue reading “Finding… You”

Review: Hotel Paradiso *****

Hotel Paradiso – 23.15 Pleasance Courtyard Tiger Paws Junior’s Stories ***** 5 Stars Have you ever gone to a play and been expecting a lot? You hear the other reviews, word of mouth tells you via grapevine that you have to see this show, the newly granted stars on their posters shine like a beamContinue reading “Review: Hotel Paradiso *****”