History of Tiger Paws Junior


Trafalgar Square - West End Live - You look so Beautiful
Trafalgar Square – West End Live – You look so Beautiful

A friend of mine asked me to explain a little bit about myself so I shall. I don’t like talking about myself that much but I will if it helps people understand my journey:

– My Dad, Tiger Paws, or Howard as he was known at the time, was found by some young Irish adventurers on a J1 Visa in Chicago, Illinois. He was thrown out of a Black SUV as the three pale Irish lads were walking down a big dodgy area called Howard. As they were wheeling their suitcases down the road, they saw the SUV moving closer and slowing down. They braced themselves for murder via drive by shooting. Fortunately what hit them was a teddy bear…my Dad…Tiger Paws.

They brought him on his merry way with them to San Diego. They started taking photos with him (frozen in a freezer, with seriously hot porno babes, cruising in a Cadillac etc) and then one of them, Brian, brought him back to University where they were in University together in Trinity College Dublin. His house was full of wild theatre people constantly looking for parties and adventure, his travels were vast and expansive and after travelling through Berlin, Prague, Budapest, Amsterdam, Lake Garda, Lake Bled, Barcelona, Lisbon, Paris, London, Faro and Ireland, he finally decided to settle down with a lady friend – Eejit.

It was around the time of the Icelandic Volcano eruption so he decided to visit his bird, who lived in Seville at the time teaching and studying. As the flights weren’t taking off, he decided to be romantic and depart via other means of transport. Via Bus, Train, Ferry, High speed train from Paris to Barcelona and then bus down to Ferria in Seville which happened to be going on at the time. They got a few sketches drawn in Paris under the Eiffel Tower etc (the usual) and were having the craic…but my Dad had other ideas.

As soon as he met his girlfriend, he passed Brian over to her and lept from her grasp on Las Ramblas. He was never seen by them again and now presumably lives on the streets of Barcelona as one of those drug dealers/prostitute pushers. She blamed herself, Brian and dad knew it was time for them to leave each other.

I come in in Holland, 2012, two years later. He discovered me sitting getting his attention in Eftiling amusement park and we have been travelling together since. It’s been fun, but it may be nearly time for us to part ways too. I have business to take care of in London,, and he has to travel more.

Above everything I try to be an inspiration and to make people smile. I try to encourage people to be happy for that split second when they meet me. I am a WWF teddy bear so I speak for the rights of all animals who have no voice and I am also a supporter of anti-Homelessness and try to take as many photos with people who live on the street unnecessarily. All thoughts in this blog are my own opinions. If you don’t like them…I don’t care. Be Nice.

All my Love,


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