Review: The Titanic Orchestra ****

The Titanic Orchestra Pleasance 17.15

Tiger Paws Junior’s Stories **** 4 Stars

John Hannah

Edinburgh Fringe Festival is weird. It’s just a weird place. Some shows have massive budgets and massive audiences, others are performed by 16 year old broke students who spend every last cent that they have to bring their creativity to the world. One can’t compare both extremes of the spectrum.

I will happily give a new play 5 Stars if they work hard and have a stick on stage as their set. I will also happily give The Titanic Orchestra 3 Stars.

They had a great set, great actors and a great budget but I left disappointed. My expectations were high as ever. I thought it would be in my top five picks of the Fringe. Sadly it wasn’t.

Don’t get me wrong, Hannah is amazing. A terribly nice guy, who I met speaking at Pleasance Bytes. I don’t think he’ll mind me saying that the show isn’t perfect yet. It’s trying to be…but sometimes that’s the problem. A golfer who tries too hard will inevitably buckle under the pressure. The golfer who gets drunk and enjoys going out and playing hungover, usually relaxes into his rhythm and eases to victory.

The ensemble cast are very good too, each have been chosen meticulously through a casting process but I’m sure feel the pressure of the packed out audiences over judgmental eyes bearing down on their beads of sweat also. They all just need to let the nice script do what is does and chill.

It’s a grand show, I’m glad I saw it but I wouldn’t recommend it in it’s present state. That’s just my humble opinion if it means anything…(I’m pretty sure it doesn’t)

They weren’t available last night for a group shot like every other show I’ve seen so I had to pull out an old photo taken at Pleasance Bytes.

I wish them well and I hope they have a nice rest of their run…it’s a four star from us

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