Who We Are

Tiger Paws Junior – The Face


TigerPaws Jnr is a teddy bear. He is a charitable Teddy and represents the WWF. He loves art and creation and tries to bring people together.  He was bought in Efteling, The Netherlands 🇳🇱 in 2012. His Dad, Tiger Paws, was found in Chicago 2007 and now lives somewhere in Barcelona.

Here’s the rest of our team:

Brian Roche (TPJ x) – 30 – Editor ❤️ 

Roger Kenny Photography at the Portrait Room Delgany Co Wicklow

Brian is an actor, dancer and photographer from Ireland. He has been working for Tiger Paws Junior’s Stories since 2102. He is always sleepy and always working. He loves it and adore so creating beauty.

David Roche (Dochie) – Asst Editor


Dave (18) is an Irish studentwho specialises in parties and festivals. He loves music and creating art so it’s his job for the team to organize the party. He is the assistant editor of TPJ.


Vivian Schaf (Beepig) – Artist, Art and Writing


Vivian is an artist from Limerick city in Ireland. As well as being there from the start of the process of TPJ, Vivian is a qualified primary school teacher. She currently lives in London and has previously lived in Berlin, Seville, South America. She is always planning further travelling.


Brix Schaumburg (Tree Soul) – Writer, Photography Poetry and Writing


Brix is a poet and performer originally from Germany. He travels all the time and is currently residing in London. He has performed around the world and has been writing for TPJ under the pen name Tree Soul) since July 2013 where they met in LA. His poem Door is one of our readers favourite. As well as acting and modelling, Brix can be found singing and writing. He is also a massive sports fan and has travelled to over 30 countries with work.


Nathan Elemen (Baby) – Reviewer, Film, Photography and Writing:


Nathan is a director, photographer and writer from London, UK. He met TPJ in New York 2014 and has been writing for the site since July. He specialises in stories and film-making. As well as this he is also a budding sportsman running 800m track and field.. He is also a film director, actor and producer and has been accepted into the BFI. He loves music and 1975 is his personal favourite. He is in university in Cornwall.

Rand Faris (Faria) – Photographer, Photography and Writing

Faris is the Melissa shop

Rand is an actor and photographer from Jordan. She studied drama and psychology in London and now lives and works in NYC. She met TPJ in New York in July 2014 and began working with the site in August. She loves writing, travelling and taking as many photos as she can. As well as all this, she loves music and friendship and plans to live life to the fullest. She is such a popular writer.


Kendall Keener (Momma KK) – Actress. Comedian and Writer


Kendall is from South Carolina, currently studying acting in New York City. She is a comedian, a writer and a performer. Her main interests are Musical Theatre, comedy, stage and films. She met TPJ in New York and has been on many adventures with him. She started writing for the site in August 2014 and sees TPJ as one of the family already.


Anje Helwig (Princess) – Animal Rights, Charity and Writing


Anje is an actress, model and writer from Namibia, Africa. She met TPJ in LA in 2013 and started contributing to the site when they met again in New York in 2014. She loves working for animal rights. As well as acting on the screen and stage she has represented her country in the World Championships of Performing Arts in the USA and has participated and trained others in Miss Teen Namibia. She is super at what she does and has such a unique view of the world.


Ben Lowder (Bustaben) – Photographer and Music


Ben has been working with TPJ since July 2014. He is a photographer and writer from Maryland in the USA. He is in university. His work and music is beautiful.


Howard Caulfield (Howie) – Festival coordinator and Legend


Howard Caulfield is our resident festival coordinator and trip planner. After working as a trader in Dublin and Amsterdam, he moved to Shanghai and started contributing here in July 2015. He has now returned to Amsterdam and works from there.

Arthur Lanigan O’Keeffe (Art) – Sports Writer/Irish Olympian

Junction 14 rest refuel recharge

Arthur (24) – is our sports writer. He has represented Ireland in the London Olympics 2012 in Modern Pentathlon and has just qualified as European Champion for Rio de Janeiro 2016. He’s a great freelance writer and film-maker

Elaine Gavin (Spirit Animal) – Resident Artist 


Elaine is an artist from Ennis, Co. Clare, Ireland 🇮🇪 She is a wonderful painter and creator. She joined TPJ in 2018. She also featured on the Irish TV show Painting the Nation. She loves doing art.

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