Review 10x10x10 ****

10 x 10 x 10 Pleasance 16.30

Tiger Paws Junior’s Stories 4 Stars

Stripper Tpj

This is such an ambitious project. 10 Monologues of 10 minutes each written and directed by 10 different people alteratively showing on every other day. You get five on a Monday and five different pieces on the Tuesday.

It starts with a beautiful piece performed majestically by an elderly American lady who describes herself as a fading polaroid photograph getting more and more invisible with each new wrinkle. It’s full of black humour and touching feelings as she describes ordering a 300 pack of condoms and having them delivered to the hospital just to see the look on the nurses’ faces.

The second was a nice piece on kissing boys. I liked it and she performed her memories well.

The third was a hilarious characterisation by Jack Baldwin, photographed below of an upclass toffee-nosed English gent who used to bring his own waiter around to each restaurant in order to get the service he required. Funny stuff man.

The fourth was a great piece performed by Keith in which an Irish cage fighter describes his opinions towards the sport and how they affected his personal life and vice versa. He describes meeting his daughter for the first time after a spell in prison. It’s a great piece performed well.

The fifth was the Albanian Stripper played nicely by Jo Romero. She did great for the four minutes she was on and uses her charactisation skills well to make a memorable performance.

The sixth was my favourite I think. Tiffany came out and acted so naturally, her level of talent was flawless. One can instantly connect with the character and the actress as she tells the story of a wife who loves her drink and food and how her husband is becoming more distant. She is asking his mother for guidance…

All in all, this is a great show. I’m looking forward to seeing the other five.

10 x 10 x 10 jack and tiff

Jack and Stripper

Tiger Paws Junior’s Stories 4 Stars

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One thought on “Review 10x10x10 ****

  1. Actress is Jo Romero! Also on at Cowgatehead (Venue 32) at midday every day in her own show Scenes of a Sensual Nature


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