Finding… You

Finding… You

By Tree Soul

red walk

Right from the start I knew that I was different.

But being different isn’t bad.. its’ just hard work..
Making people believe every day
Some believe on in god and some simply pray.
Life is like a rainbow
At least it is because I say so,
Find your favorite colour
and the rest will find you
This is me,
This is life
and it will be alright..
Because i decided to win this fight
They tell you that the grass is greener on the other side
that u need to fly to touch the sky
You know what i say to when i hear all that:
I decide which way to go,
I will make it but I if I want to go slow..
take a step or take a break
But wherever I go I’ll be awake
I touched the edge
and I do not wish go back,
Even the dark side is more than just black…
You will see it, when you get there…a Rainbow
Rainbow Starting
                                                                                                        By Tree Soul 17th of September

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