In the Woods

  I can hear footprints every night – In the Woods The moment when it came to me, I understood. – In the Woods Maybe its my passion to be, to do what my guts want and my eyes can’t see. Maybe it´s all good – In the Woods   The noisy peace and theContinue reading “In the Woods”

Finding… You

Finding… You By Tree Soul Right from the start I knew that I was different. But being different isn’t bad.. its’ just hard work.. Making people believe every day Some believe on in god and some simply pray. Life is like a rainbow At least it is because I say so, Find your favorite colour andContinue reading “Finding… You”

Sunday Blues

Sunday Blues By Tree Soul September 3rd 2015 It´s another Lonely Sunday. You don’t know where to start, You wish your second half isn’t that far away… You start counting days, you want it all, to just a walk, 10 minutes or a talk. Do i need a reason to have you here, i want these monstersContinue reading “Sunday Blues”

You say…

I am a softy, Cause i love life.. i am a softy cause you say so, i am a softy cause i spot, i feel, i cry, i scream, i enjoy, i am passioned. I’m one of the good ones, i am alright, you make it sound bad, that is NOT right. Keep your headContinue reading “You say…”

A Truly Honest Beautiful Human

We wish to convey our deepest sympathies with all who knew Robin and were affected by his work. Rest in Peace pal


Memories Surrounded by thoughts, like thick nasty clouds we always think, we never say it out loud I miss many moments cant catch them yet, but every moment I miss I call them the „best“ You can find me up here seeing it all You can find me up here missing them all These movingContinue reading “Memories”