Collision by Faria


By Faria


The collision of two worlds, means the collision of beliefs that differ, resulting in the collision of the same stories seen through eyes of opposing perspectives.

My world is respective, its conservative touch is affective, and has left me with beliefs even I do not believe in. He makes me even.
His world a production of his own creation. Alterations to what he’s been taught at home and at school, due to his open mind and rear view…he’s come up with his own ideologies…he enlightens me. Allowing me to see things differently. Slanting my images of the corruption I was surrounded by, only to simplify, and allow me to rectify my personal ability, to see the world that I was born into, using beautiful imagery.
The fears and insecurities molded in my mind, due to his invested time, are slowly turning. The wheels of the misunderstood trail of thought I possess are churning, transforming from dark patches to grey matter resonating in my mind, he’s turned my misconception of the world blind, and has opened my senses.
He allows me to feel rather than merely explaining the feeling to me. He puts me in situations where no one will speak for me, but myself. And when I open my mouth to utter my experience aloud, no one is judging me in the endless crowd of judgments that I’m used to. I now share his point of view. I now see the world in shapes and colours, no one like him before even bothered to guide me through…but what do you expect from people when they come from the same educational system as you.
I am not saying that I think close-mindedly, for I come from an overly expressive, free, spiritual family. One that stands out from the usual family structure, where both my parents left us to be from the time we turned able. Gave us the freedom to make mistakes and disable ourselves, piece by piece, thought by thought, whether we chose to let the criticism by others get to us or not..they allowed us to make our own judgments of what we thought the world to be.
‘If it makes sense to you and serves you well, apply it’ my father always said, never allowing us to be spoon-fed.
I may share many beliefs as you, but I will admit to the fact that certain beliefs I have are skewed. However, there is no one to blame, and no one to point my unsure fingers at. At times, society plays a role, and you do not realise, that the people surrounding you affect your pre-calculations.
But he….he doesn’t try to change me, nor does he tell me I’m wrong. He just speaks with a truthful tongue, revealing the truth that my lost mind longs.
He makes sense to me. Even if this goes against my roots and societal conformity.
He contributes to my unanswered ideologies.
He merely speaks, and I chose whether to allow his words to take over me.
by Faria

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