TPJ’s first WOM Event, all the way in Kingston, London.


Word of Mouth is a spoken word event held in Kingston, London every fortnight of the month.  It all began when Kenny Kensei, a spoken word artist and rapper from New York, who attended Kingston University wanted to create a platform for artists of all sorts to have their voice heard.





You will find performers ranging from poets to singers to rappers to musicians to comedians who perform on the word of mouth stage. Alongside the performers there are artists showcasing their work,whilst some live art is being created during the night.Word of Mouth started off with performances from Kingston university students and locals around kingston town, however it has grown and expanded to welcome performers from around London, and of all ages.






Every event has its own theme or is raising awareness about a certain cause happening around London and worldwide. This Tuesday the 15th, WOM held a charity event for the Macmillan Cancer Support organisation. It’s been amazing watching it grow and develop into what it is now…and its all because of Kenny Kensei AKA Kenneth Farward, the kid from New York that came to London and made a huge difference, along with the team he put together.In October, WOM will be celebrating its one year anniversary.

Wish we got more photos! But there’s always next time.

Photo credits go to: Alexander Polis

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