Happy Weekend everybody; This next two weeks marks a cool milestone for us here at TPJ. We have broken the 50,000 mark. That means over 50,000 people have seen our work. I know it may seem small in comparison to other sites or YouTube views which rocket over that in a day but… 50,000 peopleContinue reading “50,000 “

I love this letter: Huffington Post

Huffinton Post Engineering Letter The letter above signifies all that is brilliant about female engineers. Such a good read, such good points and so inspiring for young, ambitious girls of which there are plenty. Happy Friday, have a lovely weekend. You bloody earned it. TPJ x

Good Acting vs Bad Acting: For all you budding actors out there

We found this article on Slate which may interest all you film buffs and risinf stars alike. It’s a great summary of what makes a great actor great and a wooden actor stupid and what to look for in an up-and-coming star who has a great technique and training behind him or her. I personallyContinue reading “Good Acting vs Bad Acting: For all you budding actors out there”