The IFTAS 2015: Part 2

The Irish Film and Television Awards 2015 Part 2 And so it hit about 6.20pm and Derek on the door told me I had about 20 minutes to get ready before the bell rang, so I popped out to the car, swapped the Canon for the phone and stripped off the cap and t-shirt inContinue reading “The IFTAS 2015: Part 2”

IFTA Nominations

IFTA Nominations We’re looking forward to this one tonight. Our editor Brian will be the only one of us in attendance and he got his ticket himself. Fecking looking forward to a bit of Red Carpet shite tonight though. Not gonna make any predictions as I am hopeful for a lot of the nominees butContinue reading “IFTA Nominations”

Good Acting vs Bad Acting: For all you budding actors out there

We found this article on Slate which may interest all you film buffs and risinf stars alike. It’s a great summary of what makes a great actor great and a wooden actor stupid and what to look for in an up-and-coming star who has a great technique and training behind him or her. I personallyContinue reading “Good Acting vs Bad Acting: For all you budding actors out there”

I Miss Doug…A LOT!!! 11 Facts about him…

  Our friends at Huffington Post have done a bit of Doug research with Jim Jinkins, the amazing creator of the hit show which wrapped over 15 years ago. Here are 11 amazing facts about the wonderful animation. Photo courtesy of Lodin & Squier, TPJ x