I love this letter: Huffington Post

Huffinton Post Engineering Letter The letter above signifies all that is brilliant about female engineers. Such a good read, such good points and so inspiring for young, ambitious girls of which there are plenty. Happy Friday, have a lovely weekend. You bloody earned it. TPJ x

Women looking in Mirrors: I’m Enough

This video of women being told by a magical mirror is one that got our tear ducts moving. It’s so lovely to see people being reaffirmed for no reason other than they might not hear it too often or have lost belief in themselves. I’m enough is a powerful saying. We just thought we’d shareContinue reading “Women looking in Mirrors: I’m Enough”

The Dutch

I was bought in Eftiling Amusement park in March 2012. Because if that every Dutch person I meet surprises me with their beauty. I don’t know why he picked me up way back then…but look how far we have come. Below are four of the nicest girls you will ever meet and a random kidContinue reading “The Dutch”