The Enchantment

The Enchantment . . . that lies hidden in Cape Town’s mountain ranges. Deep into the mountains there lies a hidden piece of heaven on earth. Crystal clear waters stretch out before me, surrounded by luscious green bush, accommodating jubilant bird life. Observing this enchanting scenery, my mind is cleared from all negativity and aContinue reading “The Enchantment”

Longing for a Taste of Home

Long for a Taste of Home by Beepig Before the delightful madness of the first week back at school, I baked a cake. I baked a German cheesecake, a cake that keeps me wanting, a cake that makes me smile, a cake that knocks me right back to my other home and still manages toContinue reading “Longing for a Taste of Home”

Review: Madame Senórita: Eres tu

Madame Senorita: Tu  Eres Tiger Paws Junior’s Stories ***** 5 Stars The trained Le Coq Spanish actor wooed me outside Assembly Roxy…there’s no other way to say it. I was looking for a show to go to and Assembly’s press office were being a pain. So up she comes as Happy as Larry, with herContinue reading “Review: Madame Senórita: Eres tu”

Balaton Sound Festival – Hungary

So this week we were lucky enough to be invited to Balaton Sound festival in Hungary and bloody hell, what a few days it was. From the 8th to the 12th of July, located on Lake Balaton about 2 hours South West of Budapest It describes itself as a festival of Music, Lake and Sun…andContinue reading “Balaton Sound Festival – Hungary”

Kilkee, Co. Clare

Headed to the West Coast of Ireland yesterday…it was lovely. Even went swim and met a seal. It was great craic. TPJ x

Good Acting vs Bad Acting: For all you budding actors out there

We found this article on Slate which may interest all you film buffs and risinf stars alike. It’s a great summary of what makes a great actor great and a wooden actor stupid and what to look for in an up-and-coming star who has a great technique and training behind him or her. I personallyContinue reading “Good Acting vs Bad Acting: For all you budding actors out there”


Was speeding down the M8 motorway to Cork the other day, blaring out the Jersey Boys and Once soundtracks as you do, when an extremely dangerous and disgusting thing happened that still, two days later, leaves me sick to my stomach. We were overtaken by a Renault Megane. Can you imagine our shame? Have youContinue reading “Overtaking”