Meeting John Hannah

Pleasance Bytes (***** 5 Star Show, Tiger Paws Junior Stories)

John Hannah

Mark and John Hannah

John Hannah is a legend, I think a lot of people know this fact.

From Four Wedding and a Funeral to Sliding Doors to The Mummy or Spartacus, the Scottish native had all the elegance and eloquence that I had expected.

Mark Fisher sat him down and asked him questions of his life in a sort of Inside the Actors Studio vibe and we the audience sat there in silence, listening to a modern great recall stories of Drama School, to camel riding on the set of the Mummy.

I won’t say much more but that it was a pleasure to meet him. He has a show running in Edinburgh called The Titanic Orchestra showing at Pleasance Courtyard and I can’t wait to see it. I believe Pleasance Bytes runs every Saturday morning from now on in Pleasance with a different Fringe big name interviewed by Mark each time. Looking forward to the next one.


John Hannah and Mark Fisher

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