David Moran the legend

I met David Moran, the Kerry midfielder in Tralee the other day… What an absolute beast of a legend and a gent of a man. He made us godfather of a calf called Yum Yum. Long story but sure the craic was had in CBS Tralee secondary school. Tralee is some spot for a nightContinue reading “David Moran the legend”

Why have Ireland a Good chance of Winning the Rugby World Cup

Are Ireland going to win it? Yes We shouldn’t be looking at the semis of the World Cup, we shouldn’t have annihilated a strong Canadian team who had spent three months with their army forces in preparation, we shouldn’t be feared by every other rugby playing nation in either hemisphere… BUT WE ARE. We areContinue reading “Why have Ireland a Good chance of Winning the Rugby World Cup”

Hurling and Football – An Irish way of Life

Sky Sports covering an amateur Sport. Says it all really. Up the Banner!!!! 82.000 people at the final, and they still don’t accept money for their services…and they wouldn’t dream of transferring Parishes…let alone counties. Keep your diving Soccer, Hurling and Football are here to wipe your arses when you cry. TPJ x

Video Wednesday’s: WLIIA Rob Gronkowski Song

Here at TPJ we usually love the old Drew songs and Ryan and Colin cat moments on Who’s Line is it Anyway, but this clip with Rob Gronkowski is pretty funny. It’s a little bit staged but the song is comedy gold and he just loves to dance. We can’t help posting this video forContinue reading “Video Wednesday’s: WLIIA Rob Gronkowski Song”