Some Moments are just Nice

Some moments are just nice man… And photos help you remember them… So take photos… And treasure your memories…

2017 Oscar Predictions

It’s that time of year again leisurely lads and lovely lasses, The TPJ Oscar predictions: We have a busy rest of January ahead of us but I just want to set a stone down in the sand on the biggies before any of you doubters claim that I copied any other predictors. 16/01/2016 TPJ Predicts:Continue reading “2017 Oscar Predictions”

Judy Fitzgerald and I

Met Judy on Friday in Dublin, she’s a lovely person and we went to a party. The Limerick model was super nice and friendly. Have a nice Sunday y’all, these weekends go waaaaay too quickly. TPJ x

Web Summit 2015: The Future of Ireland

The Future of Ireland The Web Summit Presentation 2015 I’m going to try and not ramble on too much with words in these posts… Well maybe after I get back from the summit I’ll go into more details. Here are the photos and a brief description of what was spoken about. Firstly the incredible stageContinue reading “Web Summit 2015: The Future of Ireland”

The Meaning of Life Explained by Third Graders

The Meaning of life explained by a third grader. Listen to it, Live it, Repeat it. Have a good one, TPJ x

A New Application: Flappy Bird

Found an unbelievable App in the phone. It’d be there for a while but I’d never seen it. Has anyone ever heard of Flappy Bird? My top score is 14. Took me ages to get last night, but I challenge anyone to beat that! #NewApp #JustOut #FlappyBird #SoMuchFun #NotAddictiveAtAll. Here’s a link to our FacebookContinue reading “A New Application: Flappy Bird”

Royals – Sarah Stone Cup Song Cover

On the day that’s in it, filled with leaked nudity, wars on foreign soils and general transfer window mayhem, we would just like to say to everyone who is reading this – Chill the hell out. Life is Simple, don’t listen to the media, don’t worry about words, don’t listen to the shit people spout.Continue reading “Royals – Sarah Stone Cup Song Cover”


Slight in joke…but it’s pretty easy to follow. If something is good, it’s Flexkom, if it’s bad it’s no Flexkom. They took me on a wicked night out…super super cranky now. I took this photo, the yellow hibernation battler is in this and his sorrela. Nearly time for Hibernation, can’t wait. TPJ x  

Sardinia Day 1 – 3

Sardinia Day 2: He woke up, got breakfast and his picnic sorted, onto the bicycle with the rods, up to his spot. I woke up, fought for a while, met an angel who made me a bracelet, listened to music and walked passed him on the footpath.  I asked him if I could join him.Continue reading “Sardinia Day 1 – 3”