Web Summit 2015: The Future of Ireland

The Future of Ireland

The Web Summit Presentation 2015

Camera man Love this shot

I’m going to try and not ramble on too much with words in these posts…

Well maybe after I get back from the summit I’ll go into more details. Here are the photos and a brief description of what was spoken about.

Firstly the incredible stage was designed by a Mick Cullinan. It’s amazing right? This is him and Sophie. Fair play lad.

Mick Cullinan

The evening was presented by Ger Gilroy who did tried to relax the guests while still asking the right questions


1.) The right to vote from abroad was extremely interesting. There is a huge campaign to allow the emmigrants, who have been forced out of Ireland, fopr whatever reason to vote cross channel. A postal vote has been enshrined in many other nations legislation. Why shouldn’t it be here. This writer, and all of TPJ support this change.

First talk on right to vote

First talk

Ger Gilroy side stage…


2.) Eva was, without a doubt the star of the whole night. She was awesome. She had trouble getting into her Primary school. Her Dad set up the campaign to rectify this.

Walk for Eva

Eva and Gilroy Awesome

Eva and her Dad

Eva at me

Eva open mouth

Eva Dad and Gilroy

3.) Elaine Byrne

Elaine sing;e

Elaine Byrne

4.) Colm O’Gorman

Nice Symet

Camera man Love this shot

Web Sublit O gorman

4.) Guy Rolnik presented a very interesting talk on freedom of expression and media output and restriction, something that this writer knows all too well about

Panel on freedom of expression


Panel on freedom

Side Note:

I’m so artsy sometimes

Start Ups single best

Start Ups 2


6.) Start Up Potential…

This was the one I was looking forward to the most and impressed me the least unfortunately. The advice given was grand but it struck me as a bit selfish and unprepared which surprised me because the speakers were so well established. It certainly didn’t sync in with the whole Web Summit principle of ‘All in this together, help each other out’. Starting one’s own business is really challenging, exhausting for the most part but so rewarding when you start reaping some benefits and success. This talk was maybe just a bit flat and I’m sure the other start up presentations will be better.

‘Which start ups are you looking forward to seeing or are you excited about… ‘My own two’…Really, well that’s nice. There were interesting parts I guess and I got some nice photos so all wasn’t lost.

Start Ups

Start Ups 3

7.) The final panel was wonderful. They were so used to be on stage at this stage that they began the panel discussion talking about Ms. Byrne’s tattoo and continued from there. I shot a nice video which I’lll post below too that gives hope to all start ups out there on this island.

Have a great week you guys, have fun out there. Geek Well and see ye around,

Much Love,


O'Gorman and Elaine


Last Panel

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