New Frog Friend…

NdkdMade a new frog friend in Baltimore. He assured me he wasn’t poisonous but I’m not sure. He was a bit sneaky to talk to and the Army Lover fished him out of a private pool which he was swimming in with no permission. I liked him, I just didn’t trust him. His red spotsContinue reading “New Frog Friend…”


Kayaking Really enjoying Maryland

First Kisses

The First Kiss is very special…It’s where you go from being a stranger to knowing someone, and every kiss with them after that is a shadow of that kiss. Do you understand? – Betty Draper speaking to Molly, Mad Men Season 3 Episode 8

Drink or Food Offerings

  It is extremely rude to refuse a drink or a food offering from Anyone. If you refuse, you disrespect them or choose not to work with them. How do some people not get that?