Review: Roughs for Radio

Roughs (For Radio) –  **** 4 Stars, C Nova, 8.30pm daily What can I say about this show? The writing is genius and it’s the only Beckett piece on in the festival I believe, the premise is good and the direction is ambituous. When one enters the theatre you are given a blindfold and askedContinue reading “Review: Roughs for Radio”

Day 7: Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Day 7 – Edinburgh Fringe Festival Day 7 – started off as they usually do – sleepily editing photos and trying to stretch out. Body is in pain, two shows a day really takes it out of you. It very quickly hit 1pm which is our call time for Faulty, so we headed off toContinue reading “Day 7: Edinburgh Fringe Festival”

Review: Princes of Main

Princes of Man, Pleasance 23.00 Tiger Paws Junior’s Stories – **** 4 Stars These three Cambridge trained comedians are funny. The helped write the Cambridge Footlights International touring show in 2014 and this is their new show. They have great material and a good chemistry on stage and they have worked on their material for manyContinue reading “Review: Princes of Main”

Day 6 – Edinburgh Fringe Festival

From John Hannah to Dancing Vikings