Review: Al Porter *****

Al Porter ***** 5 Stars

21.15 Guilded Ballon

Girl with Fire

Al Porter on Stairs Al Porter Close Up Smiling

This won’t be a long review. You guys prefer it that way. I could blab on about the talent and skill of this young Irish comedian but you wouldn’t read it anyways. That’s why I focus on photographs to grab peoples attention. So here are photo’s of Al and I in the Loft in Guilded Balloon.

Al’s show is great, that’s all I need to say. He is in a good place in his career at the moment, working with Colm Hayes in 2fm in Ireland from 5-7pm on week days (which I love – Celebrity Fish click click), he gigs around the country and abroad and he seems to maintain a level head throughout.

He is personally ambitious too which is always nice to see. Hunger is important as long as no Machiavelli comes out to play from the team around him. I think he has a good team around him though…I think.

Is his show any good?

Yes of course it was, that’s why it’s a fiver review. He has worked hard and developed his material well, he plays to his personality strengths which is an honest perspective and he’s a nice guy offstage too who delivers his material well. That’s all there is too it. Him and Karl Spain are buddies so that’s always good to have a seasoned professional around to keep him in check lol.

Go see the show. It’s cheap now and he’ll only be bigger next year so get in while you can. Extra dates have been added. Here’s another photo of Al and then of fire, just to make you read this.

Al on stairs confused

Jeans Fire

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