Review – Matt Forde: Get The Political Party Started

Matt Forde: Get the Political Party Started – Pleasance 15.50

Tiger Paws Junior’s Stories: ***** 5 Stars


He’s a nice guy, this chap…

And funny…

And his show is political and intelligent and humourous…

Why wouldn’t I give it 5 Stars…

It was exactly what I thought it would be and more. The impressions were good, Milliband especially, the thought process was endearing and any audience member who goes to the show knows what they are coming to witness so have prepared themselves.

I think the general public of the UK and Ireland have all become more interested in politics. We see them everywhere now ranting and raving and promising us this and that…Matt takes this material and makes it funny.

From describing Blair as a rockstar, to the SNP/Scottish independence struggle, all the material content is all there presented as a parcel…on Christmas morning. He just gives it life. It’s great! He is swiftly becoming one of the UK’s finest political comedians. Just don’t start the conversation ‘which is better (or more interesting) for the working class man Sport or Politics?

Go see his show and see if you agree or disagree…any thought which is provoking is of benefit right?

Oooh PS I saw this show in it’s opening performannce where the fire alarm went off for genuinely three minutes…and I still loved it.

PPS Matt, if you are reading this, wingman?

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