Review – Helene Assembly Roxy

Review Helene – Assembly Roxy 22.45

Tiger Paws Junior’s Stories: 4 Stars

beautiful helene shot

I entered this show unhappy. Unhappy because I had tried to get a ticket for this show all day and told the box office I was coming at 1pm but they still didn’t have a ticket ready for 10.45pm. Haha it was ridiculous.

These are also the people who publish our reviews as Tiger Prawns Junior’s Stories…how nice and so very thorough of them!

Needless to say I wasn’t in the best head space to appreciate art. I was also directly after a show myself so I was wrecked.

Helene welcomed us in, sat us down and her four backing musicians were already playing a jazz number. I immediately relaxed.

Live music is my cup of tea. The audience present and the live playing really makes it a memory that the audience and the cast share together and can never really be recreated.

Helene did this for us.

As she recounted tales of her mixed life she spoke of being homeless, liveing on the streets of London and Paris…right to getting given a free home by a high end call girl for six months and living in luxury.

She journey’s, with the medium of song and story-telling, through suicidal thoughts (The Bridge – amazing song) to glorifying the sun when one is homeless ( Sun Salutations I think the song was called).

She also has a lovely relationship with her four musicians who, speaking to them afterwards, had only known each other for a few months. This surprised me given that they appeared so close on stage.

Assembly Roxy is such a nice venue, (I just wish their press office didn’t make me pay £11.50 lol) and the show is a great piece…perhaps suited more to an older audience. Maybe 35+ find it absolutely magical.

I personally found it a nice show filled with honesty. I hope I’ve explained myself well. It’s a good show, go to see it if you can

Helene full cast

Guitar At Helene

TPJ Microphone

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