Review: Booking Dance Festival EICC

Booking Dance Festival – EICC from August 12th

Tiger Paws Junior’s Stories (**** 4/5 Stars)

Dancers Power Fist

Dancer Birds

Dancer Great Eyes

Wheel Head

I’m a dance lover. I trained in Ballet for my sins and continued to love it as much as I used to do. It’s such an expressive form of creativity and storytelling. That’s why I’m seeing as much dance up here in Edinburgh as possible. It defiinitely inspires me more than straight acting and maybe even more than music….maybe

I just love visual art that tells a story without the need for words, that’s m’jam. And Booking Dance Festival have created a really beautiful, visual show which is both exciting and inspiring.

On top of that, I have to be honest…I didn’t see the show. I was allowed into the dress rehearsal.

I felt honoured and privileged and I’d like to thank the actors and Jodi Kaplan for allowing me the opportunity as I couldn’t make their performance given my time schedule. I was also permitted access to the stage which is a rarity so the photos we got were beautiful.

As a troupe and company they are super tight. They all dance hard and well together and all give each other the time and space that makes it a lovely ensemble piece.

Jodi and the dancers have created very memorable and individual pieces which interlink in a story to move the audience. From Segregation and Racism to True Love and Gang Members all the stories intertwine beautifully and the dancers get to show off their various styles and thought processes throughout.

I really loved it. It’s a four star from me (as I didn’t see the full performance) but I’m sure it would have been a fiver if I had caught any of it fully.

Such a nice, professional American company who are here in Edinburgh for their 7th time and only for five days. A wonderful show. Thanks again Jodi for your help!

Dance Man with White Cloth Long shot

Dance Staute

Boy Dancers

Dancers Bow

Dancer Smiling B&W


Ballet Beauty

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