Review: Madame Senórita: Eres tu

Madame Senorita: Tu  Eres

Tiger Paws Junior’s Stories ***** 5 Stars

Madame Senorita eres tu

The trained Le Coq Spanish actor wooed me outside Assembly Roxy…there’s no other way to say it.

I was looking for a show to go to and Assembly’s press office were being a pain. So up she comes as Happy as Larry, with her beautiful Spanish accent, and wooed me to see her show.

The woo-ing was very impressive, firstly, given her show was on at 12.45am in Counting House (Venue 170) and secondly, because I had no intention of staying out passed midnight.

 I don’t think I’ve used the word Woo that much in this review, so I’ll say it again:

If you come to her show, you will be treated to an hour of pure Jacques Le Coq trained enthusiasm (and wooing) as the recent graduate has just graduated in mime and Play there. Not only that she was in the top 40% who made it into their second year of study…And frankly, it shows.

She is so technical on stage and is so vivid with her speeches and characterisation, that she could do anything on stage and still hold the audiences attention fully. It’s a funny show. When I entered 3 minutes late (which is standard for me) she stopped the show and I got screamed at.

The show itself presumably changes each night. A set script is unnecessary for such a performer and she reacts and takes the audience’s suggestions at will.

I needn’t say more, you get the idea. Go to the show, I highly reccommend it…and it’s free. And there’s a levitating chair

Spanish le coq show

Tiger Paws Junior’s Stories 5 Stars

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