A Review: A Little Less Conversation

A Little Less Conversation 2

Dave Callan, Guilded Balloon 22.45

Rating by Tiger Paws Junior’s Stories ***** (5 Star Show)

Dave Callan Flyer

Edinburgh is hard! I think everyone who comes here knows that, especially the performers. It’s hard for the venues, its hard for the livers, it’s hard for the natives. What makes a show great or not is how hard everyone works together on their project. And A Little Less Conversation 2 works bloody hard.

Dave Callan, a Viking lookalike, Dundalk lad living in Australia now, has put together this wonderful show over the passed two years. He takes us on a journey through the Alphabet naming a dance (or several dances) for each letter and he doesn’t hold back on any performance moves.

I think I found it so refreshing because I had just come off a 2 show day and was wrecked. I was heading home and a nice flyer-er pulled me aside and just asked would I like to come it. He pulled out a flyer and it had a tiger on the page. How could I not go!

So I entered the show with limited expectations and two Ciders in hand. Out comes Dave and his four absolutely beautiful backing dancers and they perform a super rendition of Hit me Baby One More Time complete with full outfit and choreography. That sums up the entire 55 minutes of entertainment.

I guess what I liked most about it, apart from the obvious amount of work that the cast put into it, was that it is a fearless show. There wasn’t even a hint of fear in his eyes from start to finish and that, with the incredible amount of preparation, is why I rated the show a 5’er.

The only thing that this show needs more of is Drunken punters in the audience. The more the merrier as they say, so if you like Dance and Booze and A Good time, fly up to Guided Balloon’s Dining Room at 22.45pm. I had a great time!

A Little Less Conversation Cast

Tiger Paws Junior (5 Stars) August 10th 2015

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