Day 6 – Edinburgh Fringe Festival

What a greeeat day. When your day starts with meeting and listening to John Hannah for an hour, it’s gonna be a good day. Pleasance Bytes every Saturday morning at 11.30 am stages an Inside the Actors Interview-esque, interview with Fringe stars. Yesterday it was John being interviewed by Mark Fisher author of How to Write About Theatre.

John recounted tales of Drama School and getting cast in Four Weddings and a Funeral. He then moved on to films such as The Mummy and Spartacus. It was just a pleasure to listen to his insights.

When I asked him about the difference between American and British Drama School training in terms of American Chekov feelings versus British technicality, he described how both sides of his brain were working simultaneously on stage. He was the character on stage completely but he also allowed himself be John and think that maybe he’d want a cup of tea after the show and that he had to hit his lights and he had been directed a certain way so he had to do it that way. It was a really interesting talk.

His show, The Titanic Orchestra is playing throughout the Fringe in the Pleasance Courtyard at 7.15 pm.

John Hannah

John Hannah and Mark Fisher
Mark Fisher and John Hannah

I then legged it back and did the show which went well. Our audiences have been really lovely.

Straight from the show to George Montague, a great up-and–coming musician who has a nice acoustic set going on. Pedal and Loop is very in at the moment. He was good and then audience, especially two young kids, seemed to like it too. It was a nice setting too, outside in the sun, near Underbelly.

George Montague

George B&W

I then had a little sit in the park cuz I was wrecked after the show and then adrenaline had worn off. I did see a nice girl with a kite though.

Girl in Park

I then headed back to Drummond Street for our second show. It was another smashing show, probably our best of the Fringe to date.

Finally I was walking home and a nice flyer-er outside of Guilded Balloon recommended a ticket to Dave Callan’s new show A little less Conversation 2. I’m so glad I said Yes because it was so good. If you like Dance, Comedy and beautiful girls, go to this show. It really won’t dissapoint you. Just make sure you bring a few beers in with you and get involved!

Dave Callan Flyer

So we had a few beers after with friends and headed home exhausted. Two more shows today and then a day off on Tuesday (Whoop whoop).

Think I’m booked in to see an Italian Beatles show at 5.15pm today to so that should be lovely. I really wanna see some Dance too, maybe in C Venues… (the photo below is genuinely one of my favourite photos I’ve ever take btw)

Ballet Brilliance

Chat to you all tomorrow, hope you’re all having a good day.

Stay safe out there,


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