Day 3: Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Day 3, 6th August 2015

Flying bird

Day 3 started for us at TPJ with an exciting prospect of performing in Edinburgh too. I’m doing a show here too as well as photographing and reviewing so it was quite a nerve-wracking day, filled with tech and dress rehearsals etc.

We prepped hard, ran it a few times before hand and suddenly it was 8pm and showtime. Genuinely that’s how fast time goes over here. Time flies when you’re having fun hey?

Brian and Brian

Bark bark let me out

After the show I nipped off to catch Andrew Maxwell at Assembly. What a funny guy he is! He has always been one of Ireland’s most notable and successful comedians abroad and this was the first time I had seen him live. He was in preview mode and only arrived yesterday so it was a bit raw, ropey and a little ranty but it was still an excellent show (**** 4 Star reviewed in review section). We’ll get a photo of him up later.

And then post Maxwell we headed to the Flamingo Bar off George’s square. What a fun place filled with characters of all genres and genders. Would highly recommend it for a post show beer or Lady Garden (A Delicious gin based Cocktail lol)

Day 3 flew, day 4 has started brightly. C Venues are having their press launch so the Tiger will start growling.

Love as always,


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