Edinburgh Day 4

Light and Shoes

Day 4 – 7th August 2015

Day 4 of the Fringe started off with a brilliant Press Launch from C Venues on Chambers Street. They showcased their top ten picks of their 160 performances in 6 venues. Whenever I go into C Venues it reminds me of a cinema. You look at the listings on the board, say Yes to one and then rotate to as many of the shows as possible.

They had beautiful canopés and free Prosecco or Orange Juice in circulation and we were then led downstairs to -1 and treated to the performances. Here are shots of the day:

Performance of Seed

Performance of Sonnet Man

Cast of Seed

Cast of The Hideout

Cast of British Theatre Freda Calo Show

Cast of American Show

Cast of Acappella Kings College

Performance of Drums


A Cappella

A Cappella 2

Boxing Performance

Macbeth Performance

ballet perf

Ballet Brilliance


Opera perf

2 comedians


Box Office

Hands in

Mother and Father

Beauty 2


It was such a good showcase. I’ll name all the shows for you later. Must run now though. Have a show at 2 eeeeek!

I made a friend a friend today too. The cutest friend I have ever met…


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