Review: Andrew Maxwell Preview Show

Andrew Maxwell – Oh Contraire, Assembly 22.30 daily Tiger Paws Junior’s Stories – **** 4 Stars It’s remarkable the confidence and brilliance of some of the top comedians in the Fringe. Edinburgh is the biggest Fringe festival in the world…by far. All the top acts come here to showcase their new and old shows. PeopleContinue reading “Review: Andrew Maxwell Preview Show”

Day 3: Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Day 3, 6th August 2015 Day 3 started for us at TPJ with an exciting prospect of performing in Edinburgh too. I’m doing a show here too as well as photographing and reviewing so it was quite a nerve-wracking day, filled with tech and dress rehearsals etc. We prepped hard, ran it a few timesContinue reading “Day 3: Edinburgh Fringe Festival”