Longing for a Taste of Home

Long for a Taste of Home

by Beepig

Man sitting looking

Before the delightful madness of the first week back at school, I baked a cake.

I baked a German cheesecake, a cake that keeps me wanting, a cake that makes me smile, a cake that knocks me right back to my other home and still manages to soften the blow of the business and busy-ness of London.

A cake that inspired this little piece or slice of creation…

It’s Definitely not purely cake related but makes me smile just as much.

image image

Open, close, ope… OPEN. Brilliant light! This is what I treasure.

TPJ Stories Straight onGirl in Park

I wake to a fiery glow as it is waking with me.

Little movement, no chatter, all is calm and sleeping. The feeling rises within me, it is a reflection.

Peace. All is dark, yet all is bright: Golden – black.

I hope desperately for no sound to be made, I cannot be woken from my tranquil state.

Alive and full of vibrancy, do not think a thought too many Please.

Stay. Stay as you are. Continue sailing through this jungle, never stopping. Be.

This was the first I saw then and the only one I wish to see now. It is always there… It always comes back to me as I come back to it.

Two, five, seven, eleven, twenty-one; I came home and will come again. 2571121

Rainbow BeautifulSunrise over underbelly

This is a Sunrise over Edinburgh.

…or should I watch a cheesecake bake in the oven perhaps? 🙂

Lively Sheep

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We’re creating something that makes us joyful and content and sometimes happy and inspired. Love TPJ x

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