Kayaking Really enjoying Maryland

Drink or Food Offerings

  It is extremely rude to refuse a drink or a food offering from Anyone. If you refuse, you disrespect them or choose not to work with them. How do some people not get that?

In the Ring

IN THE RING The way I see it, Life and I are in a boxing ring. We shape up to each other, nose pressed to nose, standing toe to toe since early childhood. I don’t remember who threw the first dig, but it kicked off, and it kicked off hard! She would throw a punch andContinue reading “In the Ring”

Dog Texts Back – Great Link At Bottom


Tinder is Saving the Irish Economy!

  I am a recent joiner of the social media Application Tinder. I originally joined it for the craic and based on a funny recommendation and kind of to see what all the fuss was about but now I like it.  The basic concept of this app (abbreviated as the young folks call it nowadays)Continue reading “Tinder is Saving the Irish Economy!”