Day 1 – 4: TPJ’s Entries

Yo yo, whasup whasup my homies all ova da world. I is now chillin out maxing out on the penthouse of a dope ass place in Brooklyn. My boy minus Mohawk is working hard so I’m just doing ma thang, keeping it real, playin hard like I do ya feel me. I flew to NYCContinue reading “Day 1 – 4: TPJ’s Entries”

Day 3: #NYC

Woke up, hit the roof for some guitar and yoga, then hit orientation in the school. The school itself, The New York Conservatory of Dramatic Arts, prides itself on a professional and ethical sense of self. Everyone who walks through its door is talented, everyone who leaves is more skilful. Mr. Jay Goldenberg talked toContinue reading “Day 3: #NYC”

True Love at a Bus Stop

The Greatest Thing you will ever Learn, Is just to Love and be Loved in Return – Christian, Moulin Rouge Baz Luhrmann You Live Alone and You Die Alone…the universe just convinces you otherwise – Donald Draper, Mad Men Season 1 Episode 1 Paris vs New York, Marriage vs Divorce, Idealism vs Realism…You Decide!