#Mamma K Says: Seize The Day.

CARPE DIEM! –in the words of our dearly departed Robin Williams. May he rest in a fit on giggles. And peace. May he rest in peace– Currently, I am riding a 2 train on the way to an Improv class that I signed up for, maybe, 5 minutes ago. I don’t know if I’ll beContinue reading “#Mamma K Says: Seize The Day.”

Feelings are Shit

Feelings are shit, worrying is pointless. If something is wrong try your best to get through it, if you can’t beat it or there is something more enjoyable out there just do that instead. Fear of failure leads to restriction of life. Feelings and emotions are shit, leave them at the gate and go forContinue reading “Feelings are Shit”

Impatiently waiting…

Here we have the Mr. dressed in his finest suit from his closet, with a little touch of casualness added with his vintage sneaks and cap… Maybe he’s waiting for her on the bench where they first met, and she had promised him she’d come back one day…..and so he impatiently awaits…or maybe he just wantedContinue reading “Impatiently waiting…”