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Yo yo, whasup whasup my homies all ova da world. I is now chillin out maxing out on the penthouse of a dope ass place in Brooklyn. My boy minus Mohawk is working hard so I’m just doing ma thang, keeping it real, playin hard like I do ya feel me.

I flew to NYC myself, it took a hella long time but whatevs. I became a member of the mile high club, got taken out in secret in Dubai (don’t ask how or why) and eventually made in it to Brooklyn. My boy, Freddie Ljungberg thinks he’s funnier than he is most of the time, so the first person I see when I get out of the packaging is a weird old lady and a friend who I have never seen before. They speak and laugh at me so I instantly realise they are from Namibia, I was like What!!! Where the hell am I homies? Why am I in Namibia with some old ladies? I do not want to be in Namibia!

Then I hear the little twirps high pitched laugh so I realised he was using it as a photo op. He likes to take my picture, I am pretty famous no big deal, but after one and a half weeks of flying I wasn’t happy. He did get me though fair dues to him – Baldy Dweeb 1 , TPJ in New York 0.

He hugs me and gets a photo of us straight away, I was like Jesus, he must be either working way too hard with no protection or he has turned gay for teddys and really wanted me there. I’m cool with the first, not the second! Not with the second at ALL.

So he shows me to his new little happy friends. They are all ambitious and dedicated and all know me somehow so it’s kinda cool but I get bored pretty quickly cuz they’re not animals and I’m pretty tired. We sleep pretty quickly. He tries nothing in bed…thank the sweet Lord. Maybe he is working hard.

So we wake up at 6am, standard in any country, and set off over Brooklyn Bridge. It was bloody dope. I loved it. The way I work the site is I try to only publish photos that are 85% or over the last photographs standard. It seems to work and the quality of the photographs never goes down. Each photo that he is taking here is better than the next. There is such opportunity for shots and adventures on this little island of Manhatten that he has too much choice.

so we get some cool shots. We hit some people, but he is very conscious not to make us comparable to HONY which he loves but doesn’t want to replicate. I personally think we are better because whenever I am in the shot – there is only one camera and person that could have taken the snap. Not several others with several cameras. I am his stamp if I’m in the photo. He’s very clever sometimes…but not modest in they slightest-the Dickhead.

So we hit his school, I’m in the bag. I come out a few times to see what’s going on but I’m mostly sleeping off the semi hangover and the not semi jet lag. I hear these kids working super hard. Like fuck me, they are working hard. His first day he gets up at 6, walks to school taking photos, into class until 12.30, lunch with some friends which includes reading a fucking Shakespeare sonnet and talking about the previous classes, then back into class until 6.30pm…then at 7pm he chooses another Masterclass in Musical Bloody theatre (the worst Discipline in the World in my opinion!) and that lasts until 10pm. He strolls home happy out at 11pm. I mean What!!! I need drink, cigarettes and Women…that’s it, that’s all, that’s the deal. I can’t understand how they can enjoy that level of intense training…and it’s not just him, if every kid in the place. I am not going to enjoy being around these kids. They are too happy and enthusiastic about life. If I tell them some stories of my passed life in Chicago they might shut the fuck up.

Anyways, Thursday and Friday were more of the same, I’m aware this post is long so I’ll stop there. Saturday needs a story by itself. It includes Shakespeare in the Park, random people and a hell of a lot of good photographs and memories. I’ll leave it until Adventure Tuesdays but might post some photos down below just to tease the Catholic school girl in you.

My friends I will love you and leave you. Having a blast over here truth be told. I want to live here in 2015. Enough said really…I just am 50/50 on it at the moment. Seemingly they call it the Big Apple because everyone wants to take a bite out of it! Might as well try while we’re still here. Have a nice rest of your weekend. Go create a memory before it ends,


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Shakespeare in the Park yo
Annette Bening and a person who doesn’t respect her enough to tkae of his hat. What an Idiot!

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