Marvin, Idina and Taye doing what they do

These three greats performing an amazing song, They just have such an easy style, no need to belt it out or talk at fifty miles an hour. No matter what happens in their personal lives, they are still immaculate performers. Wake Up and go do what you do best in the world!!! Do it hard,Continue reading “Marvin, Idina and Taye doing what they do”

8000 Viewers from 115 different countries!

We at TPJ would just like to thank you to everyone who has been supporting us over the past year, especially in the past month. We hit 3500 Likes on facebook in a week and our viewers have rocketed in the past two weeks, our best day being 4000 viewers for the video Pretty SickContinue reading “8000 Viewers from 115 different countries!”

Celtic Woman: Chloe Agnew – Ave Maria

Our wonderful friend Chloe Agnew of Celtic woman absolutely smashing a cover of Childhood Church classic Ave Maria. This song every Irish school child will remember vividly. She’s a little better than or church choirs though….just.

Ring of Fire Photo – Daily Prompt

Daily Prompt: Blogging 101 I fell into a burning ring of fire, I went down down down but the flames were getting higher – Johnny Cash