Day 8: Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Rainbow Full

Day 8 started early. The girls in our apartment convinced me to go to bed early the night before so I wasn’t surprised to find myself wide awake at 5.45am feeling bright eye’d and bushy-tailed. The sun was sneaking through my window, so I thought feck it, let’s climb the bloody mountain and take the camera for a spin!

It really is magical up there. I brought my iPod and the Canon 70D and left my phone at home. The streets were as quite as I’ve ever seen them in Edinburgh. Seemingly that’s one of the only sleeping hours for the festival goers over here.

Sunrise over underbelly

Edinburgh St B&W

A the mist rolled in

Then as the mist and drizzle rolled in an unbelievable rainbow formed over the city. I was struggling with the climb until I saw the rainbow. It was pretty special and a few of us crazzy people up that early stopped to witness the beauty.

Rainbow Beautiful

Man with Rainbow

Rainbow Full

It was just so beautiful. The sun decided to come out so when I reached the submit at around 8.30am and after taking about 700 photos, it was just amazing. I also made a TPJ sign in rocks up there. Sure what else is there to do!

Tiger Paws Junior's Stories Rocks

Another from the top

Man sitting looking


I then walked to Pleasance and tried to organise a few shows to see that evening. I really do love that venue. That and C Venues have been great to us. Assembly keep on calling us Tiger Prawns Junior’s Stories. I’m half offended and half laughing histerically.

Digger Man

I was then asked to attend the dress rehearsal of a beautiful dance piece by Booking Dance Festival taking place in Edinburgh International Conference Centre ( It really looks like an amazing piece and I can’t wait to see it. Here are some snaps:

Dancer Great Eyes

Dancer Birds

Dancers Bow

Wheel Head

Dancers Power Fist

I then went to the new Robert Carlyle film which was brilliant and grabbed a quick two Corona’s with Matt Forde and friends. I had seen his show a few days ago (review to follow) which was hilarious so it was nice to meet him again.


Matt and Gang

The two pints were a little too nice and I ended up being late for Roughs (For Radio) at 20.30 in C Nova.

Roughs for Radio

The review is below in another post (4 Stars). It was so hot in there that I came out sweating and a nice girl called Lucy escorted me to my next show.

We headed downstairs in C Nova, which is swiftly becoming one of my favourite venues, and went into Modern Robot. This show is great. We sat next to each other with about thirteen other people in the show and watched these two lads play live music (drums and electric guitar) while watching a 1926 silent movie about the devil controlling people. The music brings the film to life and one almost forgets that their is live music playing as the two players are also watching the film and feeling the emotions of the characters. Edinburgh is awesome! Full review to follow.

Modern Robot

We grabbed a few post-show drinks, met some lovely people and tried our best not to dance. It was fun!

Lucy and Friend

We went home after that. What a fun day. Long and tiring…but fun….retrospect…

Much Love,


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