#Mamma K Says: Seize The Day.

CARPE DIEM! –in the words of our dearly departed Robin Williams. May he rest in a fit on giggles. And peace. May he rest in peace– Currently, I am riding a 2 train on the way to an Improv class that I signed up for, maybe, 5 minutes ago. I don’t know if I’ll beContinue reading “#Mamma K Says: Seize The Day.”


Kayaking Really enjoying Maryland

Missing the Flowers

MISSING THE FLOWERS I’m glad it was so hard, our climb, because if it hadn’t been, If it had been an easy climb or we had used a chair-lift I would have missed the flowers, They were a while back, sandwiched between rocks and shrubs And it was only by chance that I stumbled uponContinue reading “Missing the Flowers”

A Powerful Performance by America’s Top Professionals

Jonathan Groff, Lea Michele, Cory Monteith and Mark Sailling give one of Glee’s finest performances by far. It is reasons like this: a talented cast, huge performance technique and skill and a great understanding of each other that make it one of the finest and most popular shows this decade. Snaps from TPJ for thisContinue reading “A Powerful Performance by America’s Top Professionals”

In the Ring

IN THE RING The way I see it, Life and I are in a boxing ring. We shape up to each other, nose pressed to nose, standing toe to toe since early childhood. I don’t remember who threw the first dig, but it kicked off, and it kicked off hard! She would throw a punch andContinue reading “In the Ring”