Missing the Flowers



I’m glad it was so hard, our climb, because if it hadn’t been,

If it had been an easy climb or we had used a chair-lift

I would have missed the flowers,

They were a while back, sandwiched between rocks and shrubs

And it was only by chance that I stumbled upon their hiding place.

They were beautiful.

The time to cover the distance would have been shorter,

The effort I exerted would have been less and I wouldn’t have smelled as bad,

But I certainly would have missed the flowers.

I saw them, I photographed them

And now I have the image of them in my head,

I hold their memory in my memory.

I’m so glad it was a tough climb, and it was such a long way.

I’m so glad I didn’t miss the Flowers.

For J   By Tiger Paws Junior, 13 June 2014

Published by Tiger Paws Junior

We’re creating something that makes us joyful and content and sometimes happy and inspired. Love TPJ x

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