Day 17: Edinburgh Fringe Festival

Day 17 started poorly. Had a show which picked us back up again and the audience seemed to love it which was nice. Then I had a serious day of comedy prepared. Sweeeet! So off I toddled into the Brass Monkey there on Drummond Street with the beds in the back and sat down withContinue reading “Day 17: Edinburgh Fringe Festival”

Review: Joby Mageean: Billy No-Immune System *****

Joby Mageean: Billy No-Immune System ***** The Newsroom,  18 August,  19:30 Reviewer:  Jabe Joby Mageean has enough charm & enthusiasm to power a small town. He has put together a very witty 45 minutes interspersed with songs which are constantly surprising in their turns of phrase (both lyrical and musical), bullying choral gnomes and aContinue reading “Review: Joby Mageean: Billy No-Immune System *****”

Review: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot *****

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot Underbelly Tiger Paws Junior’s Stories ***** 5 Stars This is an amazing show. I really enjoyed it. It is centred around Rebecca Crookshank, who plays herself, as she remembers her entering the Royal Air Force and her journey through the process to becoming a high ranking official. She begins and takes usContinue reading “Review: Whiskey Tango Foxtrot *****”

Review: Hotel Paradiso *****

Hotel Paradiso – 23.15 Pleasance Courtyard Tiger Paws Junior’s Stories ***** 5 Stars Have you ever gone to a play and been expecting a lot? You hear the other reviews, word of mouth tells you via grapevine that you have to see this show, the newly granted stars on their posters shine like a beamContinue reading “Review: Hotel Paradiso *****”