Day 13: Edinburgh Fringe Festival

A beautiful day off…thanks to one person. Reviews to follow obviously but I’m a bit sleepy so might go sit in a park and have breakfast instead… Shows Attended and Reviewed: China Doll Pleasance Dome 12 midday (**** 4 Stars) Whiskey Tango Foxtrot – Underbelly 16.45 (***** 5 Stars) Pims O’Clock Craic Splitfoot C NovaContinue reading “Day 13: Edinburgh Fringe Festival”

The Stolen Inches, by Cordelia O’Neill, C Nova

The Stolen Inces ***** 5 Star Rating, Tiger Paws Junior’s Stories, August 5th 2015 The Stolen Inches, by Cordelia O’Neill. C Nova, 12.15pm daily Entering C Nova located just off the top of the Royal Mile, I didn’t have high hopes for a new writing piece. I was extremely surprised to find myself perfectly engagedContinue reading “The Stolen Inches, by Cordelia O’Neill, C Nova”