Day 13: Edinburgh Fringe Festival

A beautiful day off…thanks to one person. Reviews to follow obviously but I’m a bit sleepy so might go sit in a park and have breakfast instead…

Shows Attended and Reviewed:

China Doll Pleasance Dome 12 midday

(**** 4 Stars)

Bad Habits Cast and Crew

Bad Habits Cast and Crew

bad habits

Whiskey Tango Foxtrot – Underbelly 16.45

(***** 5 Stars)

Army Girl

Cast and characters of Tango

Happy Cast of Tango

Pims O’Clock Craic

Pims O'Clock

in the Pims

Splitfoot C Nova 6.15pm

(Easy ***** 5 Stars)

Beauty 2

Hands in

Mother and Father

Splitfoot TPJ Window

Foil Arms and Hog Underbelly 10pm

(***** 5 Stars)

FAHog Potatoes

FAH Close up Potato

Foil Arms and Hog TPJ 1

Foil Arms and Hog Close Up

One of us isn't tired after every show

Great craic, lovely day off and we also got a sterling review from Broadway Baby for Faulty Towers:

All in all, it was my best day in Edinburgh by far. No kisses though – shame! Got close…but no cigar

Out of focus dog

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