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Andrew Maxwell – Oh Contraire, Assembly 22.30 daily

Tiger Paws Junior’s Stories – **** 4 Stars

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It’s remarkable the confidence and brilliance of some of the top comedians in the Fringe. Edinburgh is the biggest Fringe festival in the world…by far. All the top acts come here to showcase their new and old shows. People like Nina Conti, Tommy Tiernan, Dave O’Doherty, Rory McGrath, Jo Brand etc all walk the streets with pleasure and perform sold out shows every night.

Andrew Maxwell fits perfectly into this category of greatness. This is his 21st year performing at the Fringe festival and he walked on stage on his opening night with a smile that told the audience it was great to be back.

As it was his preview show, only flying in the night before, he carried with him his set list and apologised for his lack of preparation. When he got immediately heckled by an old biddy in the front row, he told the audience that this was why he relished being back in Scotland. He asked her was that her first heckle of her season to which she replied ‘Not Really’…he asked her how that made sense to which she replied easily ‘I shouted at someone across the street earlier today’. It brought the house down and he blew her a kiss and thanked her for her magic.

The show was rough and he tangented of his unfinished script quite a lot, recalling a story of the previous day and a delivery man walking into his back garden with a package for next door and leaving it there. It was a really enjoyable, refreshing show.

Maybe what distinguishes the returning old-timed, experienced, tried and tested comedians and the nervous newbies is the ability to relax on stage and trust the material. That, along with the delivery, Maxwell has in abundance, and I’m sure his show will be as tight as a rope this week.

I was just happy I saw him in his ragged, raw and funny show. It was the first time I have seen him and I was perfectly happy with the results. If there was one comment in the negative, I would question his mind set. He claims to be happy out, too happy for comedy, and wills the audience and the UK in general to be happier and less argumentative on social media etc. It just seemed a bit whiny and preachy at some points…then he got heckled again by your one and the audience lapped it up again.

A really enjoyable 4 star show.

Tiger Paws Junior’s Stories – 4 Stars

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