one eye girl


Talking about that One Eye Girl

you can’t really see her, all you do is feel her..
that strong breath on your chest
the pain.. the effort and the effect.
as soon as your infected,.. there is no need to react yet
she will follow you around every corner..
she will wait until you get slower.
you can’t hear her, can’t see her
listen to your heart and you will feel her
its a matter of fact- you just don’t get it yet.
her eyes, her hair
her shiny skin
you scream for a touch..
you really want to die.
what is it about her
the girl with one eye –
a beautiful disaster or a massive blast, ja
this could be the end, this could be a start
if you ever return or just slowly burn
if you will hiss and preach- cause she will lead
whatever it is.. there is not a moment to miss!
you will never know.. until you know
…… cause she´s “a one eye girl”

Save Her

Save You

And she sat there alone, thinking of what she had done

And she smiled and disbelieved and knew it was fun

But the others thought her crazy, and whispered

So she just sat there in the roses

And smiled by herself

Lords and lovers


By herself she’s perfectly happy, lost in other people’s thoughts

But the caption isn’t real without the fights and foughts

Taxes and bands and friendships

Lords and lovers and you

Save me from you


Save her from you

A Kid’s View

“Sometimes I think all the world needs to do is have a big party together where everyone is invited and can come to have fun. Do you know what I mean? It took a long time for us to get here and it was really lucky, so we need to have fun here and like it. All of this bad news is weird. It’s like people don’t want to be happy that we are here and are going to the party”  Ben Aged 10

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