She pensively waits for her chance to escape,
She does not mind it inside, but her life is out in the garden.
Her food is out there, her toys are outside on the lawn
Her little wooden house that fits her body so perfectly and shields her from the rain and cold.

These were all her favourite things, and inside she could not get to them. Everything was out there –

Not in here in the kitchen. So here she waits, watching the crows through the large kitchen window that are almost mocking her
By landing on her silver bowl of food and peck pecking at her nuts, eating them greedily.
Hey they were hers!

She barks once and then twice and they flee from their theft but return almost instantly.
Her face is now pressed against the pane and her paw scrapes the window.
She paces back and forth and whines and whinges to be let out to chase them but alas, her captives are not present
They had been known to release her out the door in the past,
But they were not there to hear her plea – typical humans!

So she lies back down on her red and white, soft pillow which tickles her whiskers and watches.
Those crows will be in awful big trouble when she escapes
Mark those words, she will bite their silly black heads off and she will return their body to the foot of the door
For now all she can do is pensively wait
And never take her eyes off them. There she will wait.

Tiger Paws Junior, May 2014

Published by Tiger Paws Junior

We’re creating something that makes us joyful and content and sometimes happy and inspired. Love TPJ x

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