Russell Brand v Fox News : Trews

Here at TPJ we usually go for the positive, photography and writing, creative spirit. We find it nicer than bad news and we try to cheer people up. Sometimes though, someone else cheers us up too. Russell Brand is a lad, a legend amongst us all who tries to promote a decent world, we allContinue reading “Russell Brand v Fox News : Trews”

Day 9 – Day 20: NYC

S’up y’all, How are you on this beautiful Wednesday morning…or is it Thursday. This is gonna be a short post. Things are great here I love NYC I have had more animal sex than I have ever had before. I’m literally on fire right now. The amount of slutty dogs I have met in theContinue reading “Day 9 – Day 20: NYC”

Day 3: #NYC

Woke up, hit the roof for some guitar and yoga, then hit orientation in the school. The school itself, The New York Conservatory of Dramatic Arts, prides itself on a professional and ethical sense of self. Everyone who walks through its door is talented, everyone who leaves is more skilful. Mr. Jay Goldenberg talked toContinue reading “Day 3: #NYC”

TPJ’s Top 5 Emerging Irish Musicians 2014

So given the reviewing nature of my last two weeks, (basically attending a bucket-load of West End shows in London) I have been promoted to Reviewer on trip advisor randomly. This review, as its title suggests, concerns Ireland, artists, musicians and the beauty of their craft. To begin, Ireland is a funny place, we allContinue reading “TPJ’s Top 5 Emerging Irish Musicians 2014”