Russell Brand v Fox News : Trews

Here at TPJ we usually go for the positive, photography and writing, creative spirit. We find it nicer than bad news and we try to cheer people up. Sometimes though, someone else cheers us up too.

Russell Brand is a lad, a legend amongst us all who tries to promote a decent world, we all know that. His views may be radical (like not voting which we don’t agree with) but he is also a condoner of the freedom of expression. That’s never a bad thing! Here’s a video we found today promoted by the Lad Bible in which he demolishes such a poorly reported broadcast. We’re not taking sides, we’re not promoting Nationalism because there are so many brilliant, positive things about the US. What we are doing is warning them again, that they will lose if they keep that sort of media broadcasting up. 

Lots of Love, TPJ x

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